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This blog has been copied to Camiguin Connections Why telekom? Sounds German. Yes, it’s German. This is to remind us that telephone network enjoyed by Camiguin is a grant of the German government. Updates will be posted to the new website. Please feel free to post your comments there. Thank you.

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Backdoor dialing

Backdoor dialing is one method to establish free calls to  Internet phones using regular phones (landlines or mobile phones). It is a two-step process:

  1. Dial the nearest access number (can be in New York, London, Sydney,etc)  –  the list of numbers is usually posted on the provider’s website
  2. When the call is answered, dial the Internet phone number.

When the dialing is complete, the Internet phone rings regardless of it’s location (e.g. Philippines)  as long as it’s connected online to the Internet.  My Internet phone is a stand-alone unit. I just leave it on during my waking hours. The setup works just like an ordinary phone. Continue reading

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Country code for VoIP

ITU (International Telecommunication Union) created a country code +883 for the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in June 2008. When implemented, IP phones will be reachable from regular phones by dialing +833 prefix. IP phone users needs to get their iNum (International Numbers) to be reachable via +883. iNum is a country-less phone number so you can use it anywhere. As of it’s implementation with telcos, it remains to be seen. As of now, iNums are reachable only thru affiliate providers access numbers. Visit iNum for more details.

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CAMTECO Online Telephone Directory

At last, Camiguin Telephone Cooperative (CAMTECO) put up an online directory of it’s subscribers. You can search for part of the subscriber name or address. It’s still under construction so you can find the webpage still looks crude, many disconnected phone numbers still appear, CAMTECO phone numbers are not posted, etc. but it’s still useful to establish initial contact.

For those who are searching for phone number of resorts, many are listed by the name of the owner (not on their business name).  So, search first for the name “tourism”, call them and ask for more details.

So here’s the website

For more information, please call CAMTECO office numbers: (88)387-1000 or (88)387-1002.

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Trivia: When was the first telephone system in Camiguin established?

If you think in 1994 by CAMTECO, the Phil-German Telephone Project, you are dead wrong!!! It was on the 60’s. Ask your elders. Post your answer.

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Elected officers 2008

In the last General Assemby meeting, the elected officers were:

Board of Directors

  • James Bollozos – Chairman
  • Antonio Credo – Vice-chairman
  • Evangelisto Almonia
  • Jesus Flores
  • Jesus Wong
  • Gorgonio Manlangit
  • Emmanuel Aranas

Audit & Inventory Committee

  • Corazon Ballentos – Chairperson
  • Mercy Marquez – Member
  • Josefina Ebarle – Member
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Faster, cheaper email for dialup users

Most email users only know webmail – like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google. It’s called webmail because web browser e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer is used to access your mailbox. This is fine with broadband connection.  But if you have a dialup connection, this is inefficient and costly since you are charged per minute.

Before Yahoo mail became popular,  we were using email reader programs where you can compose and read your email offline.

If you want to try this option, you have to do the following: Continue reading

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